Transform Me

So I’m here sharing my one word ventures

It’s been six years. And here’s how I have transformed since 2013:

Here are my transformative “words” I have used as self-growth in the past few years; as my “one word”. I’ve completed this task both in person and on video and blog journeys with friends and can truly say: this journey has followed us, increased our stature throughout the year and transformed our confidence and our nature .

My one word embraces everything I plan on accomplishing with an intention for that particular year. And I set off exploring, self-reflecting, asking myself questions – to cement tfactors  of Hope, influence and purpose in my life,  infusing it also with an intuitive sense of  intentional being  and doing. 

Here were my past words:

Selfless– 2014 – This year  was all about letting   go of myself, and  trying to find myself.  For the sake of just struggling too much with others thought, and   not being mature enough to seek  God , first ,in everything.   I adopted a daughter this year, so it was a perfect word to use as a mom who was new to the game.

Priority – 2015  I don’t  recall much about the  year of priority, so I had to go back to  photos to recall what was happening for me.  All I know is I was slacking in some areas and it was a good word to choose. Documenting your journey with phots to remember it- helps to add insight when you reflect back on the year.

Conquer – 2016  This May be when I began to get serious about my words. in so many words,  I conquered myself, and my fears. I  reached past myself and began to focus on my  business and conquering things   that long held me back , through prayer. I also developed a tenacity that reached for new meaning.

 Embrace– 2017 I  developed a  prayer group and  focused on leadership principles and  shared with the women  who  were also interested in the same subject. The name: Shine. I began to also  embrace my “Next”.  Well,  I contemplated on what was next  in my life and God sort of led me into a sabbatical.  At the end of this period, I received   the gift of  chaplaincy and  a full time job and stipend.  
 Receiving – 2018 This year was all  about self- exploration. I hit a mid- life crisis, and had to determine whether I was on the ‘right track’ spiritually and mentally in  finding myself; in my work and my purpose with work. I believe I did get an answer.  I find that I am definitely supposed to be working with women, but also in a very spiritual sense.  And I am  also  moving towards my won wholeness. 

I don’t’ think I came into full revelations of that until the following year:  2019 (With my  two words) : Clarity ,… & Spontaneity.  

Clarity ,… & Spontaneity –  2019 .   Because I am nearly at the end of this year, I will share here, as well.  I have since moved  across  country,   established myself in a new  city –  one I haven’t really  experienced as an  adult – Rochester NY , my birth place – and  I have  received  clarity  about what God  wants to do with my life, and purpose.  I know there is more inner healing work, God wants to do – yet also work with my  families –  (  those  in my  family of origin ) ; and the families of the earth.’  (my clients in my field of work.) I also know I have a greater call on my life than I ever imagined. It’s a call I run to; yet I’m running from. I mean, who does that? Maybe I don’t really well I am able to function in this call..

When you ask for clarity , you get it .

I went through a flood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that came to my back door. relocated to New York, and evolved again by returning to my profession.

I was vulnerable in all areas of my life … and dealt with lots of unrest- 2019 was a transformative year. However, I gained lots of clarity.

Which brings us to 2020:




3 thoughts on “Transform Me

  1. I absolutely loved these postings! I read them all. I can certainly appreciate your attention to detail as you explained your thoughts and feelings on each word and each year. This will be my first time selecting a one word for the upcoming year and I can’t begin to tell you how excited, challenged and drawn I feel. I’ve been seeing my one word over and over again. It’s like when you buy a new car, you then start seeing the car everywhere! Jennifer thank you kindly for your post and for the whole one word that becomes a point of reference as I journey through my year! Peace and Abundant Blessings… Tonja McNair

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