Sister-Supported .

changed my life .

one day, a sister sent me this card. she told me she believed in my dream. she wrapped her arms around me and my vision , and embraced our possibilities.

it was grand.

I felt supported.

she told me she was proud of me, what i’d had planned, and believed it would make a difference .

major support.

when you are uncertain, yet hoping,, praying, trusting for the best.

doing it, despite the fear…

using fear as energy – to push you forward.

falling forward, using your self-created prayer team for hope.

it worked.💓

this was me,,in 2003…

believing , trusting, yet everything seemed to fall to pieces when I arrived in South Africa. Between jet lag, and my plans , I felt rather hopeless.

all I could do was sleep.

then I asked to find a phone cafe’. I called my sisters. told them my plans for this vision, asked for support .

and within a day, my situation turned around .

resurrected purpose, peace about the problem, and hope, we’re all mine.

my itinerary took shape,, I began to travel and speak, I had influence and supporters of the vision align with me.

more support.

some things have spiritual resolution.

that’s all.


Identity Blockers

From my 2017 Retreat: “Diamonds”

I already know… one of my lifetime goals is to help women pursue purpose through deciding to love themselves, lead and leverage the playing ground by how they navigate the world before them. To live authentically, and experience Carpe’ diem! (Seize the day!)- via self expression, finding their voices and creating their own self-laws. Let me tell you… we cannot do this ideally with our identity suffering. There are many identity blockers that challenge us to think, behave and believe differently, every day of our lives. If we believe the things our minds tell us sometimes, then we will truly fail. And just because we have heard it a lot, doesn’t mean it’s actually true. In my dream, I desire to challenge women to be more of their ideal selves than who they really imagined themselves to be. I realized after working with so many women overtime – either through therapy, through small groups I’ve created for writing groups, book clubs, or mentoring groups that we all essentially desire to get to know ourselves, better when we are in the company of other women.

And better is good… because it helps us to stop and drive forward for our best selves. Just take time to notice and meditate on how you allow any of the identity blockers (above) to alter your course, in life. If you notice a few, ask yourself whats one way I can notice someone with the exact opposite ( of that identity blocker ) and ask them to share their story , or mentor me in some way, So I can learn that skill, too? I was just sharing with my mentoring group how I struggled a bit trying to determine what was right for me; as I began to wield my “two edged -one word. I chuckle within myself, because My ‘one word’ for 2020, has become a focus of intentional regard and expression as I reach for this new identity !

I am finding the more I, seek for meaning with my word, the more I get invigorated to say more. And then I smile, because ‘asking, seeking and knocking’ are all concepts to help us grow and evolve. They are all principles that help us to manifest and develop into our best selves.

Are you truly asking, seeking and knocking for opportunity? Because the promises attached to this saying says : If you “ask it shall be given unto you, seek you and you shall find, and knock, and the door shall be opened unto you. (Matt 7:7)

ASK: “to challenge , to inquire to be on the hunt for…

SEEK: this one means to answer, pursue, and track down.

KNOCK: Did you know to knock means to ask again? It also means to seek. ( haha!) Isn’t that interesting.. we are asked to ask and then ask again… and seek some more… (Never stop asking or seeking!) There’s EXTREME benefit in it. Pretty deep huh?

Manifesting you’re dreams is good, I suppose . Just be mindful to not always set out with an intention to show off your gifts. Begin with purpose, ride the wave… and then you will end up surfing into another plan, another opportunity and another way to manage your gifts with lots of supporters around you; asking : How can we be a part of this thriving community!?

If You Live To Tell It…Tell Your Story.

I used to be ashamed of my story.

I used to run and hide from the truth. It wasn’t until I began to face the truth that I began to change, and towards triumph!

wp-1482562799616.jpg I love sharing on the Marco Polo app,  Mentormysister has a good time! 😉

One thing I love to do most is…  #storytelling! I think I love stories the most because they tell a lot about the soul of a person. I love to sit and listen to them, and imagine. I guess I’ve done that all my life. Even as a child I would sit amongst adults and listen and play with my toys. I believe to this fat, this is what has made me intuitively connected to myself and others.

Maybe it’s why I love to read the way I do… If you haven’t told your story yet, perhaps you haven’t quite “freed yourself ” from what others think, perhaps you don’t have enough “time”, or perhaps you just don’t think it’s all that interesting. I think it begins with “sitting with your story” – the good and bad -and deciding that you’d like to ‘break free’ from the bad and build upon the good.

Stories tell of our influence in this world, how other have influenced us,  & whom we leave our impression on, can literally change their perspectives, and then… eventually, the world .

Storytelling also  helps us to embrace others just for who they are. We have a chance to learn about their identity, their culture, and their lifestyles, routine and what makes them tick. It takes quite a bit of transparency to tell your story.

Stories can  teach, inspire and help  others reach goals.  I am finding the older I become, that we are  all  have the opportunity to learn and  absorb all that’s in the  world.  We need to begin to notice everything around  us. And as we imagine, grow and inspire others ther s an exchange of sorts, that occurs. The best part about  learning from  someone’s  story, can be that  you are able to glean. You can grow in compassion, empathy and you can have what I call a “self-in-situation”   experience. With stories, you can “see yourself differently, and your present day  situation is not as overwhelming as you imagine it to be.”

Stories also teach you a lot about yourself. I am very intuitive. I love thinking deep thoughts . I love imagining, I love spending time listening to myself thinking.

Because I have always been a reader, I  always thought my stories would be told through writing.  Yet a few years back,  I found my voice, and began to tell and inform others about life circumstance,  through video.  At first, I  HATED  producing videos with a passion, because I was so self-conscious,   but then I realized people liked it and I received good responses, so I built up my courage, began to like them as well. I noticed learning how to grow my personality, develop intrigue be open and  calm. I am learning calm can be my superower. With producing videos, I believe calm makes them a bit more intimate.

Speaking of which.. we have a lot of fun on Marco  Polo – the app for Mentor My Sisters! If you would like a   weekly dose of encouragement, communication, and self-care, join us! We have a forum where you can ask questions, and have a  way to connect with other sisters who are all about growth and self-development.  . You are welcome to join us monthly, at our local face-to- face meetings, just comment below.