My 1 word is working me. Every year in January, Mentor My Sister Participants choose 1 word to carry throughout the year. Amazing .. the power of words . Taking you can express an intention, use a word to offer you direction, and things just take flight. Before 2020 ended, I was able to find a word I really needed in my soul for the soul’s sake.ūü¶č

I just really, really needed a word that could help me through the year – feel “together”. I’d relocated and needed to have a place to rest.

Rest can be illusive, so that’s why my ‘great ask’ was to be settled… then “Placed.” Settled was something I needed more as I’d been uprooted from everything I need as community, awesome church home, great friends, work I really loved doing, (yet not perfect and ideal…) and just an overall sense of contentment. Yet I’m realizing that  contentment is not often enough.

There’s also joy.

You can be happy; yet not have fulfilling work. You can be content without feeling as if you’re fulfilled. When you’re settled, you have this inner joy that lasts. It just helps to be in a place that feels like good shoes. Like those you never want to let go.

(Have you ever had those kind of shoes?) Yes….

Am I speaking of peace, or something else?

Not sure yet. I’m not quite there . The closest I’ve come has been ‘inner joy.’

And hey… I thought I had it all…

Oh well… keep li in’ they say…


Indwelling: The Special Nuances Friendships Make.


Is there such a word? I was reading today in the Word how being in fellowship with friends and others and also God-we learn how to be built up, and grow. We make more room for growth by allowing for friendships; and sometimes those friendships have a God-nature, if you will that comforts.

That’s cool. It makes sense. I really didn’t have a desire for friendships much when I was younger. Like in my twenties. I pretty much isolated myself and spent time with my first husband a lot. Well… not really. After we became kind of estranged in our marriage, I spent a lot of time line, actually. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I bonded with two girlfriends who were friends by nature of my struggle and had similar concerns, as I.

They were raising children and I kind of admired their children and how they mothered and loved their children as my own, so I became family, with them and helped them. It was nice, since I didn’t have children of my own, and I was considering that. That never really happened, having the children (for me), but I learned so much about mothering from them. So much about nurturing.

And how we “did life together “; ho wE fellowshipped together Рa lot of time. spent together, talking about life, cooking, playing, talking about God together,, and eating together. Yes fellowshipping. Interactive with the children together- and watching them grow. This was over a period of eight to ten years or so.


I never thought much until now, about how I grew because of them. Their depth of character and their faith and friendship. There were times when I wasn’t sure I could go on and they had this soothing, mothering nature that just knew I needed them. Their company and friendship, their love. Possibly no retry conscious to them, this was; yet oblivious to me. I was just trying to survive.

I never thought about how God used them. To provide an indwelling. (A motivating force for me.)

So yes, there is such a word. I looked it up. Indwelling means ‘to provide a motivating or guiding force ‘- “to possess (a person), as a moral principle …or as a motivating force.” That’s pretty deep. That it can work for us positively, or even negatively, depending upon whom we spend time with, and how often and how we low them to influence us . Yes, indwelling.

Indwelling forces. They are almost mysterious in several ways. I mean who thinks about them when they are happening?

Who tends to notice ‘how we bond’, when we are bonding, right? I didn’t. Perhaps this is how and when I learned to receive from others. In my struggle. When I didn’t understand what life was offering me, and I didn’t want whatnot set before me. Perhaps in Gods awesome Grace I received friends and was taught invaluable life lessons. Perhaps. via friendships I survived. I yielded. I acquiesced.( I yielded without protesting.) Hmm…

Okay. So thanks God. For friendships then, and friendships now – and what I offer now, and was not fully aware I was being then, even. By nature of how my relationships have formed today, thank you for allowing me to mentor and nurture women today,

I am indwelling.

Providing a motivating force and guiding force for women, looking back and noticing what I needed, and revived and what helped me to survive. That’s for the mentoring of me, so I could mentor today.

Yes. An indwelling.


Question: Where does your indwelling come from? Do you nurture it or ignore it? Are you even aware as to whether it exists?

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5 Questions to Cultivating A Healthy Intuition.

I am an intuitive thinker :
intuitive means you are a creature of your own habit and understand why you operate the way you do; without intense thought.
It means to   be second nature or without thought.
How much are you  able to understand how you operate in this fashion?   Are you able to recognize its importance?
 Are you open-minded?
 Can you listen to  people and their thoughts without making judgment?
  Some of these  are simple way so f think
 What gets in the way of  you being open?
 So intuition means:
1. perceive directly Р by intuition without rational thought, as a person or the mind.
2. to be easy to understand or operate without explicit instruction.intuition-meme
So…. I went on a date with ¬†my husband and we got into ¬†conversation about “how I think”. He is always ¬†trying to understand me. ¬† He thought he knew me as a “feeling person and though I often ¬† operate out of my feelings a lot. ¬†I ¬†often wondered why he said you tend to “feel and then you ¬†act.” ¬†I told him, “no, thats not true.” ¬†i understand why I make the decisions I do. ¬†I ¬† do them because I understand what I value most, and ¬†what’s a priority for me in my life.
¬†I often prioritize my purpose, ¬†my way of thinking , my esteem, ¬†my confidence and ¬†my ¬†self- ¬†growth . ¬†Yet I ¬†also believe I “honor ” that ¬†same premise in the lives of others. ¬†But lets talk about self- awareness first, because that’s our Mentor My Sister focus.
 So i had to explain to him I have lived a long life, and I  just have recognized are  learned  experiences,  honored principles and intuitive concepts that have worked immensely for me , in my life.  How  I tend to  CONTINUE to express  the  need and desire for these values to maintain,  and  benefit me in my  sense of security all   the values that   preserved me as  a woman are  very, very important, so i reflect and ask my self  first:
 1. Am I breaking any self law or values that   resonate with my self- preservation?
2. Do I feel  secure and have peace about this decision?
3.  What indicates i am in tune with myself in this process? Am I feeling confident and  less stressed by making the decision? Does it give me peace, or  am I wrapped in guilt.?  Whose condemning voice is it?
 4.  What indicates I am not making a good decision?
5. What makes  ultimately   helps me to feel  whole and feeling  good about who I am?
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