Still Embracing… #Embrace2017

¬†So… EMBRACE ¬†is /was my word for 2017… and here ¬†I am… ¬† Check out my “GROWTH”, ¬†‘right here!

photo by jennifer owens YASB photography
Here’s One:

‚ÄúIf its ¬†both terrifying and ¬†AMAZING, then you should definitely ¬†pursue it! ¬†‚ÄĚ


( I believe I may write about the next one… so I am saving it…)¬†

Here are a few things I am  embracing:

  1. A ¬†new assignment– I have “fully decided to embrace my ¬†occupation with working ¬†with those in the field of substance use. ¬†I have struggled with this’acceptance’ ¬†for years- perhaps because my father was an ¬†alcoholic, and ¬†I ¬†just ¬†had personal reservations. ¬†But the more I think about ¬†saying yes – the more excited ¬†I become about helping ¬† them, ¬†and be ¬†‘whole ‘ people- and ¬†be successful at ¬†what they do; as well as their families.
  2. ¬†A new project! – Still working with women, but deciding even more… that I ¬†really want to do more and ¬†be a part of other’s dreams and projects as well as ¬† improve my own processes and ¬†groups . I have begun I am excited about helping ¬†another sister launch one of ¬†her dreams!
  3. ¬†A ¬†new ¬†approach towards seeking God. ¬†My “Examen” process is ¬†a ¬†really ¬†beautiful ¬†spiritual way of trying to find myself ¬†again, spiritually¬†and connect with God . I love the process ¬†of this, ¬†and the new community I have found. ¬† We all have ¬†“little rooms” in which we all hang out ‘ ; ¬†and communicate – and attempt to find God ¬†in our creative ¬†efforts, or our spiritual leadership.
  4. ¬†I ¬†am also ¬†embracing the need to ¬†just ” be disciplined” I am realizing ¬†that with greater ¬†balance in my life – I have ¬†greater ¬†discipline. ¬†And I am ¬†not ¬†really seeking to NOT DO ¬†some things – but to ¬† take time to ask my spirit how it feels to do ¬†it , and ¬† determine whether the act itself ¬†takes a anything away from me doing doing ¬†the hard work of self – evaluating ¬†and determine ¬† the height, depth and breadth of ¬†doing ¬†disciplined work. Hmm.. I have to write and then research more about this… ¬†I am not sure I really want to know.. but i feel its the only way to ¬†reach my ¬†dreams and ¬†my ultimate ¬†goal sin life.. to ” push” myself and allow myself to ¬†be ¬†something that feels ¬†totally uncomfortable – as ¬†least ¬†in the beginning stages, anyway… ¬†right? Ever ¬†feel like your whole life is catapulting you towards something beautiful? ¬†Something you haven’t even ¬†yet fulled ¬†embraced in your ¬†conscious life? ¬†But its ¬†sole embedded in your ¬† sub-conscious and it’s yet calling you, even deep in your spirit — sometimes in ¬†your sleep; and then in your dreams, yet again and a again? ¬† well ¬†let me ¬†tell you … (the other night I had a dream ¬†I w as creating a ¬† curriculum about ¬†the subconscious mind and ¬†the conscious mind and how they conflict with or ¬†come against ¬†some times the mind of ¬†Christ. ) I was writing a program with a specific person ¬† just like that…! ¬†Hmm.. ¬†I wonder if I should tell her…?) ¬†I feel like I should.. (I will.)
  5. ¬†I ¬†guess the last thing I am embracing is my relationships with other women. I ¬†seem to love ¬†true, authentic women; and I feel I have a knack- if you will – for creating that kind of ¬†group … its happening ! I have made friends, I ¬†have a mentoring group and we talk often about being ¬†healthy and ¬†keeping that healthy mindset primary; now and ¬†I have begun to even ¬†create a women’s mastermind ¬†group! ¬†I am so , so ¬†surprised! ¬†I ¬†guess because this ¬†wasn’t really my ¬†idea or thoughts to do ¬†so in this season of my ¬†life – yet ¬†it was time. It just kind of happened ¬†while I was working on something else. ¬†And it just made ¬†perfect sense to ¬†do! So I did.

Well.. there it is…. here ¬†are ¬† the ¬†five ¬†things I am embracing :

  • ¬†my relationships
  • my ¬†discipline and leadership role, fully
  • my ¬† social life
  • my projects and ¬†authentic roles
  • my new assignment ¬†with ¬† addictions and people ¬†struggling with them.


This is ¬†“spiritual self care” ¬†ladies, ¬†be aware on ¬†a level where you self-evaluate¬†regularly so you can ¬† cultivate and acknowledge your own goodness and growth process.


¬†(….and.. whew! Its been ¬†quite a ¬†new year!)


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