why I love emoji’s…

I love emoji’s. They tend to make you smile . there are a range of emotions in the air on any given day, and I love that several can be expressed by one person, alone.

Lately the covered face emoji’s with the masks have made me smile as well. And since I work at a place that requires I wear one everyday; I just think it’s a good idea to have emoji’s that express a range of emotions that you can’t see anyway.

The Covid epidemic has seemed to taken away our expressions lately. It’s great to live in a world where emoji’s are so wonderful and beautiful to behold. I’m grateful for them.

How about you?

So, if you’re ever loving your expressive -lifestyle and living – use an emoji and every now and then to express the love!


My 1 word is working me. Every year in January, Mentor My Sister Participants choose 1 word to carry throughout the year. Amazing .. the power of words . Taking you can express an intention, use a word to offer you direction, and things just take flight. Before 2020 ended, I was able to find a word I really needed in my soul for the soul’s sake.🦋

I just really, really needed a word that could help me through the year – feel “together”. I’d relocated and needed to have a place to rest.

Rest can be illusive, so that’s why my ‘great ask’ was to be settled… then “Placed.” Settled was something I needed more as I’d been uprooted from everything I need as community, awesome church home, great friends, work I really loved doing, (yet not perfect and ideal…) and just an overall sense of contentment. Yet I’m realizing that  contentment is not often enough.

There’s also joy.

You can be happy; yet not have fulfilling work. You can be content without feeling as if you’re fulfilled. When you’re settled, you have this inner joy that lasts. It just helps to be in a place that feels like good shoes. Like those you never want to let go.

(Have you ever had those kind of shoes?) Yes….

Am I speaking of peace, or something else?

Not sure yet. I’m not quite there . The closest I’ve come has been ‘inner joy.’

And hey… I thought I had it all…

Oh well… keep li in’ they say…