Book Therapy: Let Me Coach You!

I’m a therapist by calling and profession and I can help you find your authentic voice and accomplish your blessed dream of “authoring your own book” and creating an authentic voice with your personal story for non-fiction writing.

We all have a story and a dream inside of us. Sometimes we need a little coaching and to find our authentic voice in order to know what we should say to the world.

OtherSide Enterprises, LLC helps craft your voice to fit your story. OtherSide Enterprises works with you to help you find your voice by focusing on your strengths. We use the Strengthsfinder perspective to coach you through the process. A valuable toll of self-evaluation  that helps your understand yourself and come to greater knowl she about your self-expression by  Tom Rath.

We often find our way through self-expression by speaking truths, writing the vision and making it plain for others, or simply voicing your opinion.

What’s your creative expression and how do you articulate your vocal expression?

Dreams are expressions of our imagination. Mimi Doe (author of ‘Nurturing Your …Soul…’ ) describes them this way: “Dreams are the sinews running down the core of our lives, gaining strength and working their way into expression as we understand , honor, and nurture them.”

Let me teach you honor to honor your self expression and be that awesome and brave aspiring author!

We will communicate via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom as you complete your coaching sessions and the sessions can be once every two weeks with you paying $75 per session.