Ever-Evolving Monthly Zooms

We welcome you to open discussion, webinar discussion, self-awareness, self- love, sharing & inspirational conversation and interaction, workshops & retreats.

Mentorđź’śMySister  has evolved, marinated, underground and morphed a bit. It began in 2016, in Tulsa Oklahoma in the home of Jennifer Owens. It evolved to presenting and meeting in the community setting and regular meetings at a local church chapel in Tulsa, Ok. 

Overtime, Mentor My Sister has celebrated the spiritual self, as well as the parts of ourselves we are learning and growing to as adults. we met in Jennifer’s home – initially – THEN… we met as group called: “Shine – and  even  had a podcast titled as such“!  Our move into the community, was held in church chapel in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for over a year and then we modified and changed our name back to Mentor My Sister and began to move online – as Jennifer relocated to Rochester New York, right before the pandemic began in 2020.  The   Marco Polo app is where we converse interactively, and share transparently, – (that is, if you so desire.) Marco Polo is where the deeper conversations happen, and Jennifer also uses this format as a group or an individual coaching platform. 

Interested in attending a Mentorđź’śMySister discussion group?

Here’s a few topics we’ve done in the past: Joy, Confidence, Vigor, Trust, Acceptance, Esteem.

Monthly, we have a word we follow, but ALSO a word for the year! We meet monthly on Zoom for our Ever – Evolving Monthly Gatherings – where we discuss Self-actualizing & determine self-development as a group of women seeking to live our BEST lives! And you are welcome!  If you desire to learn more, please email me at jennifer@mentormysister.org 

Our focus on JOY… (word collage)*
Our worksheet on our Personal Motivation focus.

Do you desire more self-evaluation and personal growth? Email me a jennifer@mentormysister.org and we will share more online courses and Ever – Evolving self-development materials!

Exploring Motivation and Creativity