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About Jennifer R. Owens, LMSW

Jennifer Owens is a mental health therapist,  group  life coach strategist, and mental health social worker. She has  been in the field of social work for  27 years.  She has a Masters in Social Work from Howard University in Washington DC. She has held community leadership groups and seminars in New York, Texas and South Africa, taught adjunct professor courses in New York and  won a leadership award with the YMCA in Central New York.  She and her husband Tim manage a training and development business, working with leaders of various organizations.

It’s Jennifer’s desire to have Mentor đź’śMySister be a wealthy resource for women who are trying to figure out life balance , esteem and life value and lifestyles with calm, security and confidence. Intuition is so important. Every month and  sometimes every week she is having  *(weekly conversations with women on  Marco Polo) or *monthly conversations on Zoom about becoming our best selves. Jenn found out rather late in life, that motivation comes from within and sometimes in our authentic  cultivated connections. It’s consistent self-evaluation, mentoring and discipline of the heart and soul that helps us to evolve. It’s being specific about what you desire, then finding courage within to pursue it. I didn’t come to walk in and acknowledge these truths until the ripe old age of 38 years old . Wish I did. I might have been more focused, much sooner.

 You  can email Jenn at jennifer@mentormysister.org for more information and how to use this mindset and curriculum in your small home groups. Also, if you would like to find out MORE about Jennifer’s  coaching sessions, please  VISIT  here.