I Am JennRene…

And this is my story…

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a librarian.  Maybe because my father was a librarian,  …maybe not. Maybe because I loved to read books.  I finally grew up and became a librarian of my own kind.  I was an information-giver.   My culture was reading, but all the more, it was reading ‘people’.  I realized at a young age, I may not be called to be a librarian,  but maybe…just maybe my  was to discern life lessons for others and guide them to a better way of living.

I begin to give such knowledge away – because I saw how it helped people to GROW. Then, it became my profession, .. then it led to writing books, and sharing courses, and being a therapist…. it never stopped.  Today, I am a working therapist, by profession, but I am also a chaplain. I realize I have been given a special gift of compassion. Pain began to be something I didn’t run from, but I instinctively desire to help others get to the other side of . Yes,.. I guess healing pain became my passion.  Being a social worker for over 27 years has truly been a blessing. My work with women has inspired me the most. Both in out of the profession, in spiritual communities, south Africa, online, and the like. 

After I working with women in substance abuse, I  realized  I  wanted to do more and the only way I   believed I could be my best with the work and calling on my life was  –  with God – holding my hand as I helped them. I realize growing in God was the best way to grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and receive divine healing in my life. Writing was also my delightful passion at a young age.  I was  ‘Writer of the Week’, in  9th  grade, and my English teacher inspired me to hone my craft and keep writing.   So I joined a writing group at my church in   Texas, and the next thing I knew, I was inspired by over 25 women to write my first book. 

What else? I like puppies… (I haven’t bought my own yet)… I am quirky,  I   like to drink lots of tea, wear funny looking hats, I  love silence,  I am an introvert, yet I  love inspiring others via groups; interesting… I love babies and puppy dogs –  yet I have neither!


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