Best Friends

So I have have never been ‘the best friend’ nor had many of them since 2nd or third grade. Then , some time around the age of 45, I came across a few friends in a new state and they became my hanging partners and accountability buddies.

Did I need to have them around ? Most definitely. We’re they best friends?

Certainly. I still never thought much about the term again in terms of describing a friend, and as I referred to them, I’d say : “you’re one of my best friends”… and I’d figure they’d know. But I figure in my lifetime if I have friends who have good intention and they have the qualities below- a few of them at least- then they’re a few of my best friends.

I believe friendships should be reciprocal. And if they don’t require we ‘glean’ love on one another and help each other to become better women, then what’s the point?

Here were a few qualities we gathered from our conversations earlier this year on one of our Zooms. if you like to join a zoom talk we have once a month , comment below and let me know. We are always talking about emotional wealth, psychological and self care and emotional resiliency. Join us!

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