Sister-Supported .

changed my life .

one day, a sister sent me this card. she told me she believed in my dream. she wrapped her arms around me and my vision , and embraced our possibilities.

it was grand.

I felt supported.

she told me she was proud of me, what i’d had planned, and believed it would make a difference .

major support.

when you are uncertain, yet hoping,, praying, trusting for the best.

doing it, despite the fear…

using fear as energy – to push you forward.

falling forward, using your self-created prayer team for hope.

it worked.đź’“

this was me,,in 2003…

believing , trusting, yet everything seemed to fall to pieces when I arrived in South Africa. Between jet lag, and my plans , I felt rather hopeless.

all I could do was sleep.

then I asked to find a phone cafe’. I called my sisters. told them my plans for this vision, asked for support .

and within a day, my situation turned around .

resurrected purpose, peace about the problem, and hope, we’re all mine.

my itinerary took shape,, I began to travel and speak, I had influence and supporters of the vision align with me.

more support.

some things have spiritual resolution.

that’s all.


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