Nature Does Not Hurry…

Albert Einstein said this:

“Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty. The good man is the friend of all living things. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

I love nature.

I didn’t love it very much until the earth visited ME. And that happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma or I should say when I moved out west . It was after a time of grief , as well. I was seeking solace , and happened upon a place that called to me.



Water .



Colors in the woods and cool sounds . (Even at midnight. )

I lived near a river, and the river became my beautiful place of refuge. Not being near the river any longer has shown me I took it for granted, somewhat, and also the spaces that I could have visited often .

Texas afforded me the same grace. And perhaps Texas was where it all began. I lived in a really cool home where I could see a great expanse, and I could cows watch cows over my back fence.

I believe our west the sky is brighter and there’s often more sun. Especially during the fall and winter months. During these prominent years, of growth and introspection, I grew quite a bit, and nature was my “go to” for self-care.

Photo by Kristi Bridges @1momentwiser

Once I lived right above the river , and the photo above was often my space of contemplation. Now I have new spaces for contemplation .

The spaces sort of vary, and are not as much woods and countryside , now that I live here in New York. We moved last year to prioritize family needs. And now, my space and time ventures back and forth between family, and activity and animals, and love .

Willow brings smiles to my face even when she doesn’t mean to .Shes a funny pup that loves water so much, they bought her a small pool. (She’s my brother’s dog. I haven’t gathered up enough courage to befriend a dog yet); however Willow is my go to when I need a little play. And boy, is she playful. She loves water and drinks very little of it, and prefers cooling off in it.

Life is Good!
Hubby (smile)

I am Enough Because I am Authentic

I am Enough Because I am Authentic

Being Authentic requires some self awareness, some grit, and intuitive knowledge about who you really are.

Authenticity requires you to be entrusted with something that people can depend upon with consistency; yet also its an innate ability to trust yourself, despite yourself. When you are truly authentic, you shine. You determine your limitations with skill, you know when you are well, and when you aren’t . And when you aren’t you decide : ‘its okay,…I can put this aside for now, and just be. ‘ I can spend a little time with myself and just decide I can plan a time out, or I if need a vacation, and I can plan it and go spend sometime with myself too.

So here are a few tips I have gained from being and practicing authenticity within:

  1. It’s an innate attempt to reach for Clarity.
  2. It’s taking the time to: Think.
  3. To Still Still in Quiet.
  4. To Receive Mindful Meditation.
  5. To Rest because you’re soul needs the Rejuvenation.
  6. To Celebrate Myself.
  7. To Validate & Encourage Myself, Especially when no one else does.
  8. To learn how to ‘Be’ with another who doesn’t mind sitting in quiet contemplation.
  9. To Forgive Myself.
  10. To be Patient with Myself.
  11. To find Hope even when I don’t feel like I can.
  12. I’ve learned to trust myself.
  13. Remember what’s genuine and ‘sound’ about me in my soul.
  14. To be self-aware: to ‘find a place for all those negative thoughts & the ones that are not good, throw them away – quite intentionally & consistently.
  15. To practice Self-Care.
Life in the Sun.

Authentic people are:

Dependable, Honest, Convincing, Sure (about somethings & especially themselves… ) Believable, Persuasive. Present.

And… most of all…they LIKE themselves.

I have learned to like myself. Eventually, then transfer that like to self-love… during the hard times in life, you sort of need it like a life preserver .

I learned I am one who endures… it’s in my nature to thrive. So i do t have to worry about falling and not getting back up.

I am one who also manages to figure out how to love myself and see hardship, disappointment , difficulty, pain, and discouragement – frankly, as something I can cherish, once I can see the lesson on the other side . And even then, when I can’t see it, I am still built to get through it. For me, that’s courage, that fidelity to myself, and it’s winning.

If I can figure out how to win – and still be honest with where I am, and be okay with the struggle of it all, and even not okay, if that makes sense… then I am a pretty authentic person.
Brene Brown says – being authentic is: ” to show up and let our true selves be seen.” I have been showing up for several years.

I suppose this is me. Thanks for letting me share.


My 1 word is working me. Every year in January, Mentor My Sister Participants choose 1 word to carry throughout the year. Amazing .. the power of words . Taking you can express an intention, use a word to offer you direction, and things just take flight. Before 2020 ended, I was able to find a word I really needed in my soul for the soul’s sake.🦋

I just really, really needed a word that could help me through the year – feel “together”. I’d relocated and needed to have a place to rest.

Rest can be illusive, so that’s why my ‘great ask’ was to be settled… then “Placed.” Settled was something I needed more as I’d been uprooted from everything I need as community, awesome church home, great friends, work I really loved doing, (yet not perfect and ideal…) and just an overall sense of contentment. Yet I’m realizing that  contentment is not often enough.

There’s also joy.

You can be happy; yet not have fulfilling work. You can be content without feeling as if you’re fulfilled. When you’re settled, you have this inner joy that lasts. It just helps to be in a place that feels like good shoes. Like those you never want to let go.

(Have you ever had those kind of shoes?) Yes….

Am I speaking of peace, or something else?

Not sure yet. I’m not quite there . The closest I’ve come has been ‘inner joy.’

And hey… I thought I had it all…

Oh well… keep li in’ they say…