On Healing.

I just thought this quote was phenomenally simple yet brilliant .

Perhaps it’s the reason reason why I advocate so strongly for self- care and healing.

Truth is, I haven’t said it so clearly, and so simply as this:

But y’all – Healing and seeking to be healed is not the easiest thing to do, but once you get there… it’s awesome attractive.

I mean to know yourself and have self-awareness and to have a partner who is the same- to have insight and understanding, helps you to thrive and grow even more.

I’ll come back to expand on these thoughts but for real.. I’d like to hear from you …

How has your reaching for healing changed your life and made you more attractive?



One thought on “On Healing.

  1. So just being able to be more attractive by taking a role S a leader has changed my life. I never wanted to be a leader. I just wanted to exist and lazily Get through in life. To pass. Boy, was i living less than my privilege ! I decided to start living, believing and dreaming and dealt with some of my hurts and boy! Courage entered my life like a flood!!! I traveled to S Africa, flew to places and lived in places I never thought I would and worked in places and helped conferences I never thought I’d lead! All this has made me want to take on more challenges – but I’m constantly thinking about being better asking God to deal with my heart and growing and self evaluating and getting rid of the parts of me that damage me and don’t allow me to heal fully and addressing those burdens that were heavy & caused me lots of pain were necessary . I didn’t want to hurt anymore- because quite honestly, “hurt people hurt people.

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