Keeping Your Drive & Motivation Alive!

For the longest, I have decided that I  would try to find out the secrets of being and staying motivated. I studied the lives of  the deep thinkers , contemplators and friends and mentors to determine what the find keeps them above water, and OFTEN it involves staying focused and on purpose, and what makes you happy. Hence, the name of my first blog – “Blessedness of Being “; located here .”

I also  observed this amazing blog by  Karen Walrond at and Deidra Riggs at: And their writing and projects inspire.

You will learn so much from these women, because they take risks and determine to do things they didn’t think they could, they did too much, and had to scale back, or they do things JUST FOR THEMSELVES , because it was necessary for their existence. Self-care can be so rewarding and  so  self-validating , that it’s cool. I have learned in my life that without self care,  I am spent, used up and of no VALUE to anyone.

Here’s what I found in my study:

1. Staying motivated requires a review of your personal goals and evaluation.

2. Mark and cart your progress  n order to notice your  progress!

3. Watching and reading motivational stories or speeches. * ( ) is an excellent site.

4. Eliminate your distractions, and  stay offline, set dates with yourself and plan your productivity.

5. Join a group of other motivated life pursuers and persons working towards goals of self-development, & productivity and allow their energy fuel you toward your goals.

Other  tips for motivation can be found at this awesome site!

I decided a long time ago, I wanted to be of VALUE to everyone’s paths I cross.

This is my motivation, and I choose to  be actively pursuing this goal, and  being an example of  a healthy existence and  a  role model for  good self are in order to reach my dreams.

It makes sense to  work hard for what you desire, and to be able to enjoy it, Make certain you have a paradigm and mental clarity for good  emotional, mental, spiritual and  social self-care.

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