đź’ś Owning Your Values.

I’m just here this morning thinking  Sisters,thinking about two things:

Your Values are embedded deep within you.

Owning Your Values was the topic of our first Mentor MySister meeting . We first began with a ritual of cleansing by letting go of a few things we brought to the table that were weighing us down. Some of those weights were silent and we brought cleansing waters to them, with a libation activity.   We poured and we cleansed, we poured, and we let go, we poured and we released.

Then we spoke about Values  we appreciated and we let those same values embrace our goals for the future. We placed them into expressed intentions,  and then we  expressed gratitude for what we have in our lives, currently .

We left with the question:

What season are you in currently?  


The season is changing soon from fall to winter… But recently shifted from summer to fall. We are half way through this season…

What will be your reflection on this season as change enters in?

Will you allow for change?

Will you be accountable to yourself, your future, your goals, your life?

Will you allow your Sisters to encourage you in accountability for it?

Moving forward with change and acceptance,  owning your values are the best gift you can give to yourself.


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