My Red Sea Sister, Michele.


I chose to interview a few of my sisters who were ivotal for me during my Red Sea Situations.( That’s the name of my book, by the way)…

Michele is a wife and mother of six, near Cleveland, Ohio.

I met Michele at Howard University, it appear in the hallway in my final year, but I don’t recall that. (She does, however.) 

Somehow , several years  later God saw fit to allow our paths to cross again at a conference she attended in New York. At the women’s conference  and we just clicked.I knew with the wisdom pouring out of this woman’s mouth, I needed to stay in touch.

Michele has been a spiritual mentor and a stabilizing force for me, and often a prayer partner. And for that, I honor her  and I just wanted to display some of her thoughts about spiritual care and how she keeps her life sane.

Here are a few questions I asked her recently in a questionnaire:

Do you seek out moments of inspiration during the week? What does that look like for you? 

Yes. I have moments of inspiration. Those moments come from anything from a song to a video lesson to music scripture , prayer, etcetera. It can also come from a message or email of a daily word. Generally, it looks like something along those lines. Of course during prayer, I receive flashes of inspiration as well.

How often during the week do you notice your inner experience—listen to your thoughts, judgments, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings ?

I notice my inner experience on a daily basis throughout the day. As I write, make decisions etcetera, I notice that the clarity, guidance and direction from God, and tune into my ability to hear from the Holy Spirit as I go throughout the day. I decrease stress with prayer, yoga, Taekwondo, meditation and visualization, singing , praise and worship music, and also listening to inspirational messages. I try very hard not to allow anything to get in the way of those as mental peace and clarity are very important to me. Time constraints and family demands can vie for my attention and get in the way. However, I have tried very hard to make God and my time with him first priority. I also try to establish activities that are calming for me and utilize that time to do do those activities with family members whenever possible.

How often do you spend time with others whose company you enjoy ?

Daily,  as a part of prayer and often while driving. Generally, God is my help but He often seems confirmation through friends.

Thanks Michele for sharing your message of peace and mental clarity. We often take that for granted.